The videos and pictures coming out of Southeast Texas are hard to look at after Hurricane Harvey went on a path of destruction. Now, cleanup is underway and many people are stepping up to help.

Mrs. Burnette’s fifth grade class at Amherst Elementary in Knox County is donating supplies to help another school in Houston.

“We've been matched with a sixth grade classroom and we talked about what our class can do to help her and her kids,” Burnette said.

Burnette said her students wanted to help and now they are gathering supplies for Michael R. Null Middle School in Houston.

“They don't really have much because their stuff is gone and they're like trapped in their house and the streets are flooded so if they want to go somewhere they can't really go,” Neil Henley, a fifth grade student, said.

Burnette said the condition of the school and classroom they're helping is not in good shape and nobody is allowed inside.

Along with school supplies, the class will also send a class pet just like one they have in their room. In their fifth grade classroom, a pink flamingo is given to a student every time they do a good deed show excellent behavior.

“Mrs. Burnette loves flamingos. She's a flamingo fanatic,” Neil Henley said.

Students are now thrilled to say they are helping Harvey victims and it was all their idea.

“It feels good that we helped with another class that got hit by a hurricane,” Henley said.