Knox County students are launching a campaign to address and prevent bullying in their schools.

A group of leadership students from Hardin Valley Academy started an anti-bullying initiative called ProjectU in 2012. The initiative has now spread to all Knox County middle schools.

One part of the initiative is the #UChoose Kindness social media campaign, which encourages students to use kindness on social media instead of words that could hurt someone.

"If there's just one life that's saved because a child felt better about themselves because someone was kind, because someone tweeted something kind instead of negative about them, then it's worth it," said Ramona Dew, a coordinated school health specialist with Knox County Schools.

Leadership students from middle schools and five high schools are attending a Youth Summit Wednesday where they will learn about various methods and strategies they can use to support other students.

The leadership students will then be encouraged to be back to their schools and influence others to take part in the efforts.