Mayor Madeline Rogero announced Monday that Knoxville is on its way to becoming a National Wildlife Foundation certified wildlife habitat. The program aims to create more ecologically friendly spaces in cities and neighborhoods.

This is all in effort to make Knoxville a more green and sustainable city.

“As we grow as a community we want to do it in a way that is sustainable, so by making sure that we preserve nature and that we create these little habitats for animals then we can have that perfect balance of a growing city and one that is green and sustainable," Rogero said.

Both Knoxville and Chattanooga are trying to earn this title.

The mayor made the announcement during a "Neighborhods to Nature" walk at Beardsley Farm in Malcolm-Martin Park. The event also included food trucks, a performance by DJ "Sterl the Pearl" and basketball and other games.

By becoming certified Knoxville would have more shelters and cover areas for the city’s wildlife among other things.