ID=12508887A Knoxville boy has been making a big impact on animal shelters in McMinn County.

Elijah Krahn and his mom travel to the McMinn County Humane Society once a week, and when Elijah asked what happened to the dogs that don't get adopted, he didn't like the answer.

So he set out to make sure every dog found a home. He's been baking dog cookies and selling them, and all the money goes toward sponsoring the pets at the humane society.

His two-month-old business has taken off and he's sold more than 2,000 doggie biscuits so far.

Elijah's mom says the response has been overwhelming.

"We weren't prepared at all, but it's been fantastic. The biggest it'll get is now our goal, to just try to keep it going. We sponsor, try to sponsor, the older dogs, the black dogs, and the large dogs, since those are the least likely to get adopted," she said.

Elijah and his mom plan to expand their sponsorship to cats too.

They're making enough money to sponsor about three dogs a week.