(Originally published Aug. 1, 2017) Future members of the Knoxville City Council could make more than their predecessors.

Council members on Tuesday voted unanimously to raise members' salaries to $2,000 a month, an increase of more than $400 per month over what current council members are paid.

Tuesday's vote was on a first reading. The measure must pass the council a second time to take effect.

If approved, the pay change would begin in December 2019.

The last time the Knoxville City Council voted to increase members' pay was in November 1997 for an increase that took effect in December 1999.

The proposed ordinance says "the current salary of $1,583.33 per month paid to Councilmembers is inadequate to provide appropriate compensation and economic incentive to qualified individuals who serve upon the City’s legislative body."

The ordinance notes that none of the current council members will benefit from the salary increase.

Five Knoxville City Council seats are on the ballot in this year's election. All five of the current council members in those districts are term-limited, and cannot run for re-election.

The other four seats will also come up for election before the pay increase would go into effect.

Council members will take a final vote on the measure later this month.