The Knoxville City Council passed a resolution Tuesday to honor the memory of Zaevion Dobson, and to express condolences to his family on his passing.

Dobson, 15, was shot and killed in the Lonsdale area on Dec. 17 as he shielded young friends from gunfire. He was a sophomore student at Fulton High School at the time of his death.

Dobson's life was honored during pre-game programming of Super Bowl 50.

His mother, Zenobia was on hand to accept the honor from the city council. She spoke at the podium, saying she wants justice and her son's killer to be caught.

"I would like for justice to be served for Zaevion. He was innocent, he was minding his business," she said. "Him and his friends were doing normal things that little boys do, and I would like justice to be served for Zaevion Dobson."

She said she visits her son's grave daily and hopes teenagers are driven to follow their dreams when they think about her son, Zaevion.