Former UT defensive back, Eric Berry, was caught in downtown Knoxville performing a random act of kindness.

Rebecca Scott Mills and her husband, Todd, were having dinner at Stock & Barrel on Wednesday night when her husband recognized Berry come into the restaurant and order food to go.

When they were leaving, Mills said they saw Berry deliver the food to 3 homeless people in front of the parking garage at Market Square.

Mills said he then kneeled down and prayed with them. She snapped a photo and put it on Facebook, saying the incident brought her to tears. Mills tells WBIR she didn't want to invade a personal moment while they were praying so she didn't take any other photos but she now considers herself a #NewEricBerryFan.

Since Wednesday night, the post has been shared more than 2,800 times, has more than 360 comments, and 6.4 thousand reactions.