Visit Knoxville hosted Bike Boat Brew and Bark for its second year, celebrating on Volunteer Landing Saturday afternoon.

The event held boat races, with some boats topping speeds of 100 mph. There was also the "Dock Dogs" contest for dogs to show off their jumping skills into the Tennessee River, and a 'Bike Walk Knoxville' bike ride 9 miles to Volunteer Landing.

"We are very excited, this is our second Bike Boat Brew & Bark, and so we’ve had a ton of people come down to Volunteer Landing," Visit Knoxville's Erin Donovan said.

Local craft brewers held leisurely bike rides from Volunteer Landing to their breweries. Riders were able to learn about the process of brewing along the way.

"I think it's important not only for our visitors but for our community to know that it is easy," Donovan said. "We have this very nice waterfront that's down here, and it's only going to get better."

One of the more peculiar events was a performance with a Flyboard, a water-propelled board that lets people using it hover in the air and perform tricks. Hoyt Hydrosports threw the performance, where folks would attach a hydroflight device that forces water, under pressure, from a pair of boots. Riders could fly up to 50 feet above the water's surface.

Visit Knoxville hopes to see this event grow even more in 2018.