The Knoxville Graphic House mural has gained national recognition.

Owner and creative director Courtney Jernigan submitted the mural to Graphic Design USA's American In-House Awards and they won!

“We worked so hard to renovate this building for our new space and it was really discouraging when
it was vandalized. The community response to pitch in and help create this mural was amazing.”

The community and business owners rallied to revitalize their shop after someone vandalized the other side of their business in June 2016, spray painting the word 'Elvis' in large letters.

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The mural was created by using a paint-by-number method to get the community to help paint it.

According to the release from Knoxville Graphic House, the mural competed among nearly 6,000 entrants nationwide.

“There is so much talent within the walls of Knoxville Graphic House, but thereʼs a lot of talent in the
community too. Knoxville is a great place to live and art is very much a part of that,” Jernigan said.

The mural is located on 21st Street at Ailor Avenue.

“We started the project as a positive response to a negative action. We wanted to create something that enhanced the community and that the community can enjoy. Knowing that itʼs being enjoyed on a national level too is just icing on the cake,” Jernigan said.