Monday night's USA-Ghana game set records for ESPN attracting 11.093 million viewers, but according to Nielsen, Knoxville didn't seem very interested in the game.

Of all the 56 major markets monitored by Nielsen, USA TODAY reported that Knoxville had the worst ratings for the USA-Ghana game with a 3.7.

The D.C. has been the top market for World Cup soccer so far this year, by a wide margin. Five percent of televisions in D.C. were tuned into the USA-Ghana game, according to USA TODAY.

The nail-biting game did extremely well when it comes to soccer games. For a comparison, the last Stanley Cup Finals game on Friday had six million viewers on NBC. The clinching game of the NBA Finals attracted 18 million viewers to ABC. On ESPN, 11 million viewers is about the same that watched the 2014 Orange Bowl. The average viewership for Monday Night Football is 13.2 million, according to USA TODAY.

But it's important to note the "in ESPN history" caveat. USA TODAY reported that the USA-Ghana game that aired on ABC in 2010 pulled an 8.2 rating. That rating was behind the U.S.-Brazil quarterfinal in 1994 (9.3) and the 1994 World Cup final between Brazil and Italy (9.5). And nothing touches the 1999 women's World Cup final, during which 18 million Americans watched the United States defeat China in a thrilling shootout.