Ever gotten a parking ticket downtown?

You're not alone.

New numbers show Knoxville is giving out 200 parking tickets a day.

"The frequency that they are willing to be able to give out tickets almost as soon as meters expire without any leniency one way or the other I think creates the issue," said Andrew Felty, who works downtown.

Old City workers and residents alike are trying to get used to the new parking meters the city put in last summer.

"It really becomes kind of an inconvenience,” said Felty.

"I think it's because they're just so new and people don't really know what's going on," said Kristen Wisek, who lives downtown.

It's part of an effort started last summer to increase parking enforcement.

"We have brand new parking meters, new parking enforcement and new parking signs all downtown at the same time," said downtown coordinator Rick Emmett.

Emmett says the new meters have made ticket numbers go up.

The city says officers issue about 200 tickets a day, or about 5,300 a month, which turns into more than 63,000 tickets a year.

The city brought in more than $460,000 just in fines, with more than $700,000 in parking meter revenue.

"What we want is for folks to recognize there's always a parking space available at any given block and at any given time," said Emmett.

Cities similar to Knoxville use the same rules.

"They use a two-hour maximum time for parking, and that allows someone to pull in, do their business and leave,” said Emmett. “That allows someone else to park there."

The money will eventually pay off the $1 million the city spent to put in the meters, and hopefully make money.

"We've made that decision when we started this program that any money generated, if we've generated any will go back to downtown improvements in the future,” said Emmett.

Emmett says they’ll discuss the two-hour limit on some of the meters, because it could be something they change.

They’ll have those meetings in the next few months.