A Knoxville man is charged with aggravated assault for threatening two other men with a machete. One of the victims is a double amputee.

According to court records, the first victim told officers that he was sitting outside an apartment building on Woodrow Drive on Wednesday when Jerry L. Abernathy, 33, came up to him and demanded money. Abernathy was armed with a large machete.

The second victim ran out to defend the first man, who was in a wheelchair. They both told police that Abernathy came at them with the machete, and stole $125 in cash from the first man's pocket.

Abernathy finally returned to his apartment, which is where officers found him, and the machete. Abernathy said the money was owed to him from a narcotics deal, and claimed that he was the one that was attacked. He said he got the machete to defend himself.

He later asked his girlfriend to go inside his apartment to get the money, which was turned over to the officer.