We hope you're all finding ways to beat the summer heat. Maybe a cool down in the water is just what you need.

Families in Farragut did just that at the McFee Park splash pad Sunday afternoon.

"Knoxville Moms Blog" hosted the event to connect parents to family business and services, bringing everyone to have a great time in the water. Natalie Rickerson runs the blog.

"You know, it's hard to connect sometimes because we are busy with our kids, so it's a fun way to get out and meet other people that have children and like similar interests such as some of the sports and things like that, that we do," Rickerson said.

She says events like these help local parents find other families with little ones.

"It's just a good way for them to reach out, we have a lot of moms. We're about to launch our neighborhood groups in the different areas to have play groups and things like that too."

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