Ever wanted to ride in an electric car? Does it feel any different than riding in a car that uses gas?

The Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association tried to answer a few of those questions Saturday with their Ride & Drive event at Whole Foods Market.

"The gist is to get them (Knoxville) through the experience of what electric vehicles are all about," Patrick LeDue, president of the Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association, said.

The event helped those curious about electric cars and was part of National Drive Electric Week. LeDue says there are two reasons why people look at electric cars as a vehicle to drive daily.

"Some people don't want to buy foreign oil, and some people want to save the planet by having zero emission cars," LeDue said.

He says there are a plethora of other reasons why people end up buying electric vehicles, but these are the two main responses he hears.

LeDue also mentions electric cars are more power, particularly ones with dual gasoline and electric engines. He adds that they tend to have inherent advantages in efficiency and in torque. Some electric vehicles with dual engines can get up to 300 miles a charge.

But LeDue acknowledged some electric vehicles are not always well received by the public.

"It takes quite a bit to change people's mind, or at least the mind set of today," LeDue said. "The fact is, for more than 100 years, there have been gasoline and diesel cars going down the road. That's what people are used to. That's part of the reason for today's event, to get them into an electric car and see how that is."