Knoxville got off pretty lucky on Friday, with a few icy roads in the early morning hours that were treated or cleared when the sun came up. But another storm system is approaching by the end of the weekend, and Knoxville city crews have a plan to keep the roads safe.

Public Service workers spent long hours Thursday night and early Friday morning treated city roads. They will rest this evening, and be back on the job Saturday to pre-treat high-traffic Level I and connector Level II streets and possibly some key neighborhood Level III streets with liquid salt brine.

Some streets may still have rock salt on them and not require much liquid brine, but with frigid temperatures setting in, officials say pre-treating is the best option for being prepared for winter weather, says Public Service Director David Brace.

City officials say they have plenty of salt on hand to handle this next expected snow storm, with even more on the way.

"Our salt supplies are scheduled to be resupplied starting Monday morning," he said. "We still have approximately 1,800 tons in reserve."

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