A photo of three Florida police officers working the night crew during Hurricane Irma took the internet by storm, Inspired by the post's initial success, the Knoxville Police Department joined in with the hope of raising money for hurricane victims.

Three officers at the Gainesville Police Department posted a selfie on the department's Facebook page as they were getting ready to work as a night crew during Hurricane Irma.

The photo caught the eye of thousands of people and the post went viral. Since then, the post has been taken down because of an investigation into past comments made by one of those officers.

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KPD posted a response to the photo Wednesday night, even adding in a K-9 officer to up the ante.

KPD is using their photo as a fundraising challenge - asking everyone to make a donation in the name of Gainesville PD, KPD or their favorite charity to help hurricane victims.

"We've asked people that comment or like the picture to make a donation to the charity of their choice," said Officer Samuel Henard.

They've already gotten hundreds of responses from people who have donated to charities.

Since Wednesday, KPD's post has 9.4 million views on Facebook, 93,100 likes, and 41,900 comments. They also have 31,000 new followers, making them the most followed law enforcement agency in Tennessee.

"It's a blessing to be able to be able to take part in something, an action that starts so small, that leads to such a massive response from the community," said Officer Garrett Fontanez.

For everyone wondering, all the KPD officers are taken. But Nash, the K-9 in the picture, is single.

Other police departments are joining in the fun, too. Thursday afternoon, a Loudon Police Department Sergeant posted a photo to Facebook and said "We ain't pretty, but we get the job done..."

Not to be outdone, the Loudon County Sheriff's Office posted their own version: