Knoxville Utilities Board has received around 150 calls about gas leaks since Friday evening.

They say that getting calls about gas leaks is pretty normal for this time of year, keeping the company rather busy.

A majority of the reported leaks were not leaks. KUB says that as people start turning on their heaters for the first time this season, they sometimes catch the odor of the gas as it's being burned. This is normal, and is not a problem.

There have been a few confirmed gas leaks in the KUB service area this weekend.

There are a few signs to watch out for during the fall season.

You may smell a "rotten egg" odor. KUB adds the scent the the natural gas supply to help you recognize it quickly.

You may hear a blowing or hissing sound near a natural gas appliance or a roaring sound near a gas line.

You may see bubbling in a wet or flooded area, dry spots in moist areas or vegetation that is dead or discolored for no apparent reason. Flames will be visible if a leak is ignited.

If you think you have a natural gas leak, you should call KUB at

(865) 524-2911 and leave your home until it can be checked out.