Lakeside homes and condos are nice, but some families actually live on the water, not on houseboats, but on floating homes.

"There are no rules on the lake," said Lynne Miller, who owns a floating home on Norris Lake.

"We really love Norris Lake," agrees Terri Stemple, Miller's neighbor and friend. "We wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

A new law allows for existing floating homes to remain on TVA Lakes, however, TVA is still permitted to ban any new floating homes on its waters.

At the Stemple's "Off-Shore Account," there's always time to have fun.

"We entertain, but most of the time we're outside in our screened-in porch," said Terri Stemple. "We had a landlocked house and we had a dock and you had to take everything down and here, everything's right here/ That's the most fun because we can just come in and get whatever we want."

Lynne Miller agrees, she and her family makes good use of the water around her Blue Gill Cottage each season.

"We go floating, we go through rafts every summer," said Miller. "We go house to house and we'll shout down, 'ya'll ready to float?'. I know my dermatologist friend goes nuts, but we do it."

The Stemples and Millers have become good friends and neighbors. The ladies say the peace and quiet and a chance to slow down and enjoy life on the lake is a huge draw to their vacation homes.

"You can sleep as late as you want, although it kind of pays to get up early and watch that sunrise," said Miller. "I built a little single bed on my porch and now everyone wants to spend the night there. Even if it's hot or cold, they don't care because the way the moon comes up, you can lay there and see that thing go like this (motions over her head). It's fabulous."

"We spend most of our time outside and we just love to entertain," said Terri Stemple. "We even had a house boat pull up and spend the time with us and our friends, Sometimes, we don't even plan it, we just get together. That's the most fun when we do that."