Bikers on Third Creek Greenway near UT's agriculture campus will have a hard time missing the area's newest piece of art.

A new, larger than life mural there was finished today that spans 232 feet. Its subject? Freshwater mussels found here in the Tennessee River.

Mussels filter the water around them, and can be great indicators of the health of the ecosystem they live in, according to one of the mural's artists.

Local environmentalist Chris Irwin said he thinks the mural is the perfect addition to the greenway.

"The idea of mussels was really intriguing to me, because I grew up near the Tennessee River," Iwin said. "It's nice to see them turn something really ugly in the beginning into something beautiful and a work of art. I thought it was a lovely idea."

The mural is part of the Endangered Species Mural Project, a group traveling the country to produce works of art that educate people about endangered wildlife around the country. It's sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity, as a way to promote the diversity of species where we live.

The mussel mural is the group's eighth work of art.