A motorcycle accident and a dog imposter are at the center of a lawsuit filed in Blount County.

Stephen and Kathleen Perry claim in the suit that they were riding a motorcycle on Endsley Lane in Friendsville on July 4, 2012, when a dog ran out in front of them.

They say they hit the dog and crashed, sustaining broken bones that needed medical treatment.

The suit claims the dog's owner, Jeffrey Endsley, is responsible for the crash because the dog, whose name is J.R., was running loose.

But that's not all.

The suit goes on to accuse Endsley and a woman of adopting a similar dog, named Monty, from a shelter to stand in for J.R. at a veterinary exam so he could claim the dog was not injured in the crash.

The suit is requesting a judgment of $500 thousand dollars for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, physical and mental pain,, and loss of consortium. They also want a jury trial to determine punitive damages against Endsley.