The program started a year ago by the owner of TTJC Karate and Loudon County Deputy Daniel Ferguson.

Their main goal?

To teach disadvantaged kids for free.

The Lenoir City Isshinryu Academy is the new location. It's three times the size of its older studio-- all the more space to benefit more students.

Students don't learn only karate, but they also improve life skills and do better in school, according to the owner of TTJC Karate.

"I've seen some of them grow from not having much discipline at all to be real disciplined," BJ Frye said. "Doing better in school and doing better at being human beings, and that's what my cause is."

Frye mentions his goal is to double enrollment, and the new, larger space will help.

A few of the other classes offered include judo and tae kwon do.