ID=3016637Note: Originally published October 18, 2013.

(WBIR - Loudon) While the conversation continues as to whether the Washington Redskins' name is offensive or not, the Loudon High School Redskin fans say it's business as usual.

"It comes up about every 5-6 years," said Loudon County Quarterback Club member and alumni Jeff McQueen.

He said the school is the only high school team in Tennessee with the moniker, "The Redskins." It was created in 1948, he said, after previous names of "The Hilltoppers" and the "Tush Hogs."

"A Loudon County student named Allen Schubert suggested the name Loudon Redskins. The senior class voted it in," McQueen added.

While the conversation has been non-existent locally, with many in the small community supporting the name, nationally it's a different story.

High-profile names have expressed their dismay over the Washington Redskins name, including President Barack Obama.

"Redskins cannot honor a heritage or a noble character trait... nor can it be called a 'neutral term'," said NBC Sports' Bob Costas, who spoke out last weekend during the Sunday Night Football broadcast.

For McQueen, while the local team is showing support -- he wonders if Washington were to change their name.

"If the Redskins fall in DC, what's next? We have a lot of baseball Indian names," he said.