While the Cubs players are still soaking in their first World Series win since 1908, there is another team still excited over their own championship win.

And guess what? They share a namesake. They call themselves the Sevierville Cubs; a team of little leaguers.

"The baby cubs, the cubbies as people say,” said Coach Mike Williams.

This season, they were undefeated champions.

"How we celebrated is we squirted waters at each other,” said player Josh Fee.

The Sevierville team's journey began as a Cinderella story.

“We started a little scratchy,” Williams said. “We had five new kids that had never played baseball before in their life.”

It took hard work, dedication and lots of teamwork from the little sluggers to pull off a 10-0 season.

“They are so full of energy," Williams said. "When it's baseball time they are ready to go and practice in the wind, rain, sleet and snow.”

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“My team is a good team, we've got good captains, good outfielders,” Austin Williams said.

While the miniature Cubs already had their win, they made sure to stay loyal to their namesake.

“When the TV said 'root for the Indians,' yeah, that’s not good,” Fee said.

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Not everyone stayed up late to see the Cubs clinch the Game 7 win because it was a school night.

There’s one thing for sure, it was an extraordinary year for Cubs, big and small.

"They remember these dreams forever. That was a phenomenal win that they had," said Williams.

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