In May 2016, Alisa Dykes was faced head on with major health issues. Health complications led to a stroke that left her in the hospital and away from her family. She couldn’t walk, stand or even sit up in her bed.

Now, a year later, Alisa has made tremendous progress in her recovery and she’s able to do all the things doctors once told her she wouldn’t be able to.

“The doctors gave her a less than one percent chance of living and if she did live, she would be in a nursing home for the rest of her life,” said Alisa’s best friend, Misty Scott.

Alisa said there was so much doubt surrounding her situation last year, but her family pulled together and motivated her to heal.

“I could barely even sit up and this year I’m walking with a walker and it’s night and day,” Alisa said.

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Alisa’s three children remained hopeful as they waited patiently for their mom to come home.

“I was feeling kind of nervous and thinking she might not come home, but I believed she will,” Alisa’s daughter said.

While recovery is the top priority, Alisa and her family are now dealing with the cost that comes along with the care.

“I have support physically but it’s still very expensive,” Alisa said.

To help, Alisa’s family and friends just recently put on the 2nd Annual Miracle Mile at Alisa’s old school, Mary Blount Elementary, where she worked.

As for her recovery, Elisa is still going to therapy twice a week and said by next year she’ll be walking in the Miracle Mile.