Knoxville may be the newest city in the U.S. to be a test bed for self-driving or driverless cars.

Some cars on the road already use the complex technology that allows cars to communicate with one another.

GRIDSMART Technologies, based out of Knoxville, is behind the cutting edge software and equipment that allows cars to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure to ultimately reduce traffic-related deaths.

"The thing is, we lose about 50,000 people every year in traffic accidents. It's very similar to the body count actually during the Vietnam war. This kind of technology has the potential to take us to zero fatalities," said GRIDSMART CEO and Founder Bill Malkes.

Former Vol Will Overstreet, who went from the gridiron to GRIDSMART, demonstrated how their technology works.

He said their cameras, installed at an intersection near their headquarters, monitor what happens below so when a pedestrian crosses the street, it alerts the car that there is something to look out for when approaching the intersection.

It works through a radio device that links the car to the camera.

"The ability to be in a car and be warned that there is a pedestrian in the intersection before you can actually see it, it's a great feeling because you are able to understand 'I need to start making an adjustment right now,'" Malkes said.

Malkes believes this technology will save lives.

"I think we are going to reduce fatalities year-in and year-out because this is going to get better and better. Before it happens, the most important thing that happens is it has to be thoroughly tested," he added.

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