A Loudon firefighter has resigned after being charged with sexual battery of an 80-year-old woman.

According to Loudon City Manager Lynn Mills, Ricky Sutton turned in his resignation at noon on Saturday August 30th after he was placed on suspension pending an investigation.

Mills said the Loudon Police Department arrested and charged Sutton with sexual battery. An 80-year-old Loudon woman reported she allowed him inside her home because she knew him from his work as a firefighter.

He wasn't on duty at the time. The report said after a short visit he got up to leave and "grabbed both of her hands and pulled them away from her body and made comments about how attractive she was."

The victim told the detective Sutton asked her to kiss him and when she refused forcefully kissed her, even after she tried to get away and told him to stop. After Sutton left, she went to police.

Sutton had worked for the city of Loudon since 1998. He became a full-time firefighter in 2007.

"This is totally shocking for myself," Mills said, "I've known Ricky since 2005 and it is totally out of character for Ricky."

Loudon Fire Chief Mike Brubaker said he and his employees are "shocked" and are having a difficult time processing the information.

"We're trying to bind together. We're a family down here, a family away from our family, due to the long hours and nature of our work. We're just leaning on each other and keeping each other's spirits high," Chief Brubaker said.