SAN ANTONIO - A man is accused of a customer service scheme that bilked Home Depot stores in San Antonio out of thousands of dollars.

Marquis Foster was arrested on a charge of theft Monday but is already out of jail on bond.

San Antonio Police Department’s Fencing Interdiction Team got wind of a plan where, they said, the suspect walked into Home Depot empty-handed, but he would leave the stores with thousands.

Police said he hit multiple Home Depots in San Antonio.

According to investigators, Foster would go into the stores, get merchandise, place into plastic Home Depot bags and then return the merchandise to customer service for store credit and gift cards.

On Feb. 17, Foster reportedly hit six stores for more than $3,200.

Police said when they tallied up foster's take from all the stores, it was $11,000.

Investigators said he was selling the gift cards on Facebook for a discounted rate.