Manhattan Project National Historical Park’s visitor center and offices will have a new home in Oak Ridge later this year.

It is currently located at the American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE).

On Friday, the National Park Service announced they'll be moving to the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge (CMOR) located at 461 W. Outer Drive in Oak Ridge.

"We have been so fortunate to have been based at AMSE for the first 18 months of this new national historical park. The staff and volunteers have been outstanding partners providing space and back-up support with all of our activities,” said Kris Kirby, Manhattan Project National Historical Park superintendent. “We consider the entire City of Oak Ridge to be part of the park and will continue to offer programming in multiple locations throughout the area.”

The CMOR is located in a former Manhattan Project era elementary school and operates in 54,000 square feet with exhibits, classes, and programs for all ages.

“The Children’s Museum shares the National Park Service’s mission of educating children and the community. It’s a great opportunity for the museum to join the National Park Service in presenting the history of Oak Ridge,” said Tom Beehan, President of the CMOR Board of Trustees.

Manhattan Project National Historical Park is administered jointly by the Department of Energy and the National Park Service to preserve portions of three World War II sites where the United States developed the first atomic weapons.