ID=5072725Add two more communities to the list where wine lovers may soon be able to pick up a bottle or two at the grocery store.

The Blount County Election Commission confirms that they have verified enough signatures to get the measure on the ballots in Maryville and Alcoa.

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State lawmakers approved a bill allowing wine to be sold in grocery stores in March. The bill requires voters in cities and counties that already have liquor stores or bars to approve wine in grocery stores in separate referendums. To appear on the ballot, supporters have to gather signatures equal to 10 percent of the voters in the most recent gubernatorial race.

They needed 201 verified voter signatures in Alcoa, and workers stopped counting after they verified 216. 700 signatures were required in Maryville, and 742 were verified before they stopped counting.

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The measure has already been approved in Morristown, Knoxville, and Farragut. Knox County election workers are currently counting and verifying signatures for Knox County.

In communities where the referendum passes, retail food stores will be able to sell wine beginning July 1, 2016.