While the students are on summer break, Maryville College is renovating its campus dining hall.

Crews have stripped the Margaret Ware Dining Room in Pearsons Hall to the bare bones.

They'll be turning the dining room into a modern, environmentally-friendly place to eat. When they return for the fall, students will enjoy local food, prepared fresh.

The dining room will also get some high-tech upgrades.

"We're adding wireless hot spots, we're adding a variety of charging stations, power stations, so that students while they're there they can have their devices, they can work on homework or just recharge their phone to check their Facebook status," said Dr. Tom Bogart, Maryville College President.

During the school year...the dining room serves about 600 students daily. It's expected to reopen on August 14th. Next year...the school plans to renovate residences above the dining hall.