ID=11388467A Maryville man has taken his craft and is using it for a good cause outside of the work place.

Michael Ramsay is a handyman who can build a child a bed of a number of different themes. Within the last year, his themed creations have been helping children with life-threatening illnesses find a place to escape.

Michael Ramsay looks at a pile of lumber and sees a creation.

He started a side business called Wood-Maryville. This gives him the freedom to show his creativity.

"I'm a handy man during the daytime for a living. Wood-Maryville is something I am trying to push now. Hopefully it can become my full-time job someday," said Ramsay.

One of his more notable works: custom themed beds.

"We find a picture, then I start building it with my head and I start from scratch with no plans or nothing," said Ramsay.

The process begins at the drawing board in his garage.

His first bed he made was for his daughter, Ava.

"She was ecstatic about it. The other day she wanted me to change it to a Frozen theme bed. So that might be in the future," said Ramsay.

After seeing the joy that it brought his Ava, he wanted to spread joy to everyone. The program Special Spaces gave him an opportunity to do just that. Special Spaces helps rebuild the bedrooms of children with life-threatening ailments.

The organization has been a part of numerous room makeovers. Ramsay's beds made an appearance in the last two. It gives the beds a new meaning to Ramsay, as well as the kids sleeping in them.

"When I build these beds, it becomes very personal for me. Just to see the kids and what they have to go through on a daily basis. I grew up with adversity. I am hearing impaired, obviously. But the adversity I had to go through and the adversity these kids had to go through, it doesn't compare," said Ramsay.

In May, he made a princess themed bed for Riley Mozingo, a five-year-old with a brain tumor.

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Just this week, a circus themed bed made it down to New Orleans for a young boy named Tommy Saunee. Saunee's room makeover was a team effort between Special Spaces and Ringling Bros Circus.

Hope becomes an important word when it comes to these beds.

"That gives them the hope to make it another day. And if that gives them hope and takes their mind away, it's worth it to me," said Ramsay.

You can find information on purchasing a dream bed on Wood-Maryville's website and Facebook page.