Country-duo 'The Young Fables' call Maryville home, and all day Friday they had the chance to show thousands of followers from across the country what the music scene in East Tennessee is like.

"Today is a really big day for us because 'Tennessee' is coming back to our hometown and putting us on their Snapchat story," said Laurel Wright of The Young Fables.

The Tennessee Department of Tourism runs a Snapchat channel and its username is simply "Tennessee." On it is a program called the "Spotlight Series," which features up and coming artists from Tennessee.

"I was just really excited they wanted to come to Maryville, back to our hometown and Knoxville and be here with us and that's really special to me," said Wright.

Dave Jones with the Tennessee Department of Tourism says the series is designed to give music fans and millennials a behind the scenes look.

"It's doing a radio interview. It's going to meet some of the family members of the group from Maryville, Tennessee. It's setting up at the venue. It's what they do to get ready for their concert later on," said Jones, describing the series.
Jones says the choice to use Snapchat was geared toward attracting both millennials and music lovers.
"Millenials are our future when it comes to tourism and economic impact. So we like that group and they fit well for Tennessee because they like music and they like the outdoors, and those are two pillars in East Tennessee," said Jones.
Jones also says he wants people to realize there is music all across Tennessee and not just in Nashville.
"Believe it or not, there are seven music genres rooted in Tennessee and that's everything from the blues, blue grass, country, gospel, soul, rockabilly and rock n' roll," said Jones.
To follow the Tennessee Department of Tourism on Snapchat, download the app on your phone and search for the username "Tennessee."
The Young Fables are performing a free show Friday, April 14 at Barley's in Maryville.
On Friday, April 21, they are performing at Knoxville Christian School, and all proceeds go toward the school. Tickets are $30.