(WBIR, Sweetwater) - Friday kicks off the 3rd annual National Muscadine Festival in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

Muscadine season runs from September to October, so this weekend the city of Sweetwater is celebrating in conjunction with Tsoli Notch Vineyards.

There will be live music, a parade and a bbq contest downtown, and then at the vineyard you can pick muscadines all weekend and even run in a 5K that winds through the vineyard.

So exactly what is a muscadine?

Vineyard manager J.D. Dalton says, "Everybody always calls them grapes and technically they are right.They are in the grape family. Muscadines are indigenous to our area.They have a thick skin and meaty inside and seeds, and they have a muscadine twang to them."

The festival runs through Sunday.

For more information about the festival you can go to www.nationalmuscadinefestival.com.