No matter what the voters of Monroe County decide at the polls next month, one candidate for sheriff is not eligible to serve.

Randy White is running against current Sheriff Bill Bivens to be the county's top cop. Now, an investigation by the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission has determined that White does not meet the requirements to be sheriff.

In letters to District Attorney General Stephen Crump and the Monroe County Election Commission, POST officials say that White was not a full-time police officer with the City of Vonore. He needs to have three years full-time experience as a certified law enforcement officer in the last ten years to qualify to be sheriff.

In addition to not being eligible to serve, POST wants White to repay them the $600 salary supplement he received as a full-time officer.

The DAG's office will examine the report to see if any criminal acts have been committed, and if charges should be filed.

The POST investigation began with an anonymous complaint.

White's name will remain on the ballot. Early voting is already underway across the state.

PDF: release from the District Attorney General's Office