(WBiR-Knoxville) More than 400 visitors will arrive to Knoxville next week for the Medal of Honor Convention. With all the extra eyes on the city, workers are getting ready and sprucing up areas like the East Tennessee Veteran's Memorial and the Convention Center, in order to put Knoxville's best foot forward.

"Everybody picked their area of expertise and threw it in there, and 'hey I'll do this,' and 'hey I'll do that' and companies actually got together and said 'if you do that part, I'll work with your guys,'" said John Watson, who works for Common Grounds landscaping and a part of the Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association.

Work done in parts of town was done free of charge.

"Every single person that I talked to said, 'gosh I want to be a part of that,'" said David Craig, who helped organize the effort. "To maintain this to the vision the way that it would be maintained. So thanks to the volunteers, this looks so much better."

Crews say they'll be working all the way up to the convention, set for September 10.

To learn more about the Medal of Honor, East Tennessee recipients and the convention, visit our Medal of Honor page.