America's highest military award, The Medal of Honor, born in the age of Lincoln, has deep roots in East Tennessee.

"I hope people will think of that when they are on campus or around Knoxville," said Cynthia Tinker with the Center for Study of War and Society at the University of Tennessee.

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Research by Ms. Tinker notes 101 medals went to Civil War soldiers for their actions on Tennessee soil. Among that select group, 32 medals were awarded to soldiers for their actions on battlefields in East Tennessee. That includes five medals bestowed on troops involved in the famous battle for Fort Sanders near the campus at the University of Tennessee.

And outside Knoxville, in a skirmish near present day Lenoir City, one medal went to Joseph E. Brandle with the Michigan 17th Regiment who rushed into the teeth of battle carrying only a flag.

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"I read the officers report and it said he literally was shot in the head and the bullet came out his right eye but he kept carrying the colors until that officer ordered him to the rear," said Ms. Tinker.

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