Halloween costumes aren't just for humans — they're available for the whole family, Fido included.

A recent National Retail Federation survey showed 16% of consumers polled will dress their pets in Halloween costumes. The survey asked 6,791 consumers about Halloween costume plans in September. The NRF doesn't have data on exactly how much Americans will spend dressing up their dog, cat or fish, but last year it was estimated owners spent $74.34 each for pet costumes.

In 2015, PetSmart's best-selling pet costumes were Superman, Batman and Super Girl, Sherry Jane Love, VP of merchandise buying and hard goods, said in a statement. This year, the store is focused on three key themes: villains, monsters and DC Comics.

The top costumes for pets, according to the NRF survey:

1. Pumpkin

2. Hot Dog

3. Bumble Bee

4. Tie: Lion and Star Wars Character

5. Devil

6. Batman Character

7. Witch

8. Superman

9. Action/Superhero

10. Cat