A recent survey by SSRS Survery Research shows that many Americans cannot name the vice presidential candidates.

According to the survey, only 41 percent know Republican Mike Pence, and 46 percent know Democrat Tim Kaine.

WBIR 10News decided to test these results on the streets of Knoxville by showing people chosen at random pictures of local and national celebrities, along with the two vice presidential nominees.

Every person interviewed could name Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones and Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs. They also recognized former Tennessee head football coach Lane Kiffin out of the stack of pictures, but many preferred not to say his name aloud.

“We don’t mention his name in Tennessee," said Amy Wilson.

When it came to viewing pictures of Pence and Kaine, interviewees drew a blank matching names and faces.

In response to seeing a picture of Mike Pence, Chelsea Tallon said “Wait, is that Trump’s like dude?”

After viewing a picture of Tim Kaine, Richard Moisan said, "I have no idea."

The two candidates were chosen over the summer, but with big names like Trump and Clinton on the tickets, Pence and Kaine have not received as much attention.

“I think there’s been so much focus on the presidential nominees that they’ve kind of been in the background quite a bit," Moisan said.

“Ever since they said Trump is the Republican candidate and Clinton is the Democratic, I haven’t kept up with it,” said Mallory Tate.

Kaine and Pence faced off in the vice presidential debate Tuesday night in front of a large national audience, allowing voters to become more familiar with their stances on the issues and more familiar with their names and faces.