Robert Hartline knows there's peril inherent in flying a drone-and-camera rig into the middle of downtown Nashville's elaborate Fourth of July fireworks show.

But heck, he thought. If something goes wrong, at least they're right over the Cumberland River.

So, last night, he did it – and with spectacular results, particularly at the 4:40 mark.

Hartline, an entrepreneur who owns 12 area Sprint stores and the sales reporting app CallProof, decided to put his $1,300 drone up as a promotion for a new venture – Hytch, a carpooling app he'll launch in October. Its matchmaking software finds neighbors with similar commutes and encourages gas-money reimbursement.

"You probably have neighbors with the exact same commute as you, you just don't know it yet," he said.

Hartline ran the drone from a spot near Pinewood Social and watched the video feed on a screen with his friends. Tennessee only limits drone use for law enforcement, and the Federal Aviation Administration only regulates altitude for non-commercial drones, so Hartline said he was on firm legal footing for the activity.

His only regret: His battery ran out before the big finale.