The Nautical Boat Club is set to open its new location at Concord Marina.

The club will offer an alternative to buying a boat starting on Wednesday with annual memberships starting at $195 per month.

“I can’t tell you how excited we are to start this journey,” owner Scott Payne said in a news release. “Between financing, insurance, storage, and maintenance, owning a boat can get expensive.

“Our vision is to get more families on the water by making it more affordable and less complicated than buying a boat.”

Members will receive unlimited use of all boats within their membership along with complimentary water toys, which includes wake boards and inner tubes. The first 40 members will receive an offer for a discount membership as part of the charter member program.

The club will feature eight new boats.

The Nautical Boat Club started more than 20 years ago in Austin, Texas. The club has grown to more than 10 locations, including Nashville, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

Go to the club’s website or call (865)234-0000 for more information.