ID=11203515(WBIR) As East Tennessee's craft beer community grows, more businesses are tapping into the industry.

This year's Knoxville Craft Beer Week features some newcomers.

On Friday, Bluetick Brewery in Maryville celebrated its official grand opening. It received its brewery permit back in April.

"This is the first day where we actually have enough beer because it takes awhile to manufacture," said Christopher Snyder, owner of Bluetick Brewery.

Besides creating craft beer, it serves as a taproom, supply store and cooperative. According to Snyder, Bluetick Brewery has about 230 members.

Within the past few years, several new businesses focused on craft beer have popped up in East Tennessee.

"It's exponentially growing, actually. We'll see a bunch of new breweries coming in within Maryville and Knoxville in the next couple of years," Snyder said. "I think that's really going to help grow the craft beer scene in this area. We're going to have a lot more choices for beer than we ever did."

Besides Bluetick Brewery, this is also Hops and Hollers' first year with Knoxville Craft Beer Week. Hops and Hollers opened on Central Street in North Knoxville earlier this year.

"Knoxville's exploding as far as craft beer goes. It's a great thing to see from Central. Right down here, there's a lot of breweries opening up like Fanatic Brewery and things like that. It's just been a really good movement," said Charles Ellis, Hops and Hollers bar manager.

There will be a few more events on Saturday to wrap up Knoxville Craft Beer Week, including Knoxville Brewfest from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Southern Railway Terminal Downtown.