A unique kids play area opened Thursday, as part of the Baker Creek Preserve.

The adventure park is part of Knoxville's Urban Wildness. It is connected to trails and encourages kids to get involved in more outdoor activities.

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"This place where we're standing is also where kids will learn how to mountain bike and enjoy the play structures here," said Mayor Madeline Rogero.

The city won the grant to build the park by asking kids what they wanted to see in a play area.

It will be the latest addition to the 100 acres of land, just minutes from downtown Knoxville, that is becoming a destinations for bicyclists.

It includes the Devils Racetrack, a nationally-rated downhill trail that opened this summer. Knoxville won a $100,000 grant through a social media contest sponsored by the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club to pay for the trail.