It's been months since Hugh and Mary Newsom have spoken publicly about their son's murder. Now that the trial dates have been set for Chris' accused killers, and the investigation is further along, they are comfortable with sharing their story.The Newsom's say in the months since they got the news their son was shot and burned, they have struggled with their faith and beliefs.Chris was their legacy which is now lost. "Between Hugh and I, he was ours and now the Newsom name will not go on which really hurts my husband a lot," Mary Newsom said.Hugh talks about taking his son fishing and teaching him to play baseball even before Chris went to Kindergarten. But now, Mary says those childhood memories are tainted with thoughts of the night he was murdered. "When I look at his pictures now all I can think about is what they've done to my beautiful boy."The Newsom's think about past conversations with their son , who was only 23 years old at the time of his death. Mary remembers a phone call from Chris about selling his motorcycle. The reason is an eerie irony she plays over and over in her mind. "I said Chris I'm so glad that you did, but why did you do it and he said 'because I wanted a future'".Instead of a future, the Newsom family now thinks about the last moments of their son's life. "I believe before he died he knew that they were raping her," Hugh said. "And I know that was just killing him," Mary added.Theories about whether this was a racial crime have also crept into the Newsom's minds. "Like Mary said I don't think it started out that way but from all indications we have, it developed into that," Hugh said.But the Newsom's don't like hate groups using Chris and Channon's tragedy for their agenda. "He was not a racist and we're not, we're not racist," Hugh said. "He would want no part of that. I don't like that they're using their names for their rallys, their protests or whatever," Mary explained.Race aside, the Newsom's want justice for the son they couldn't even see after his death. "I promised Chris when I embraced his form in the casket that I will be in court everytime one of those suspects makes an appearance," Hugh said.The Newsom's are frustrated they will have to wait a year before they face the suspects at trial. They also are frustrated with the exaggerations surrounding the horrific murders. "Some of the misconceptions of what's been on the blog sheets has implied they were dismembered and we've been assured that is not the case," Hugh said.Mary and Hugh Newsom also say the couple was carjacked at the Washington Ridge Apartment Complex not the train tracks where Chris' body was found in January.