(WBIR- Knoxville) Knoxville police and fire department staffed Festival on the 4th to ensure safety and first aid.

The crew set up a mobile command center with a security camera and two first aid stations to handle all security needs.

Mark Wilbanks, Knoxville Fire Department captain, said there have never been any major incidents at the event, but they have eight emergency medical technicians available.

"We hope that we don't have any major medical emergencies," he said. "With the temperatures as nice as they are this year, we won't have the heat-related emergencies that we've had in the past."

Knoxville Fire Department Captain D.J. Corcoran said only a few scraped knees and a toe were reported for injuries this year.

With organizers expecting about 60,000 people to fill World's Fair Park, police patrolled the area on foot, bike, and motorcycle to monitor the crowd and traffic.

"The problems really don't occur till everybody wants to leave," Ronald Green, traffic services coordinator, said. "Right now there's no problem, but when the fireworks are over, of course everybody wants to get out in a timely manner and all at one time."

Wilbanks said alcohol is not sold at the festival, which helps contribute to the low number of incidents.

"We try to keep it a family-friendly type environment," Wilbanks said. "It does make it a lot more easy for the families to want to come down and enjoy."