The two-week spilling spectacular at Norris Dam is over. 

The Tennessee Valley Authority closed the spillway gates at Norris Tuesday, saying that Norris Lake has neared its normal summer level.

Thousands of people made the trip to Norris over the past two weeks to see the man-made waterfall. A TVA spokesperson said they don't have a count of how many people came to watch, but the Norris Dam Visitors Center saw about 11,000 visitors in the first five days of the spill. 

TVA started spilling at Norris on Tuesday, April 25 after a record-setting weekend of rain. It was the first time TVA had opened the spillway gates at Norris since April 2013.

Norris Lake is now at 1,021.96 feet behind the dam. The normal summer level is 1,020 feet, according to TVA.

The sluice gates at the bottom of the dam are still open, but it's not nearly as noticeable as top spillway gates. 

TVA said they still have storage at Norris if we get another round of heavy rain. 

Even with the spillway gates closed, Norris Dam is still a pretty spectacular sight.