(WBIR-Fountain City) On Wednesday, the City of Knoxville will begin a 'pre-bid' for companies who will clean and repair problems at the Fountain City Lake, including algae that's surrounding most of the water.

"It's deteriorating altogether, as you can take a look around," said Dorothy York, who visits the lake every day. "The wildlife was expanding and now it's deteriorating."

The place where ducks and other fowl go for a swim has seen much better days in recent years. The city plans to begin work on the man-made lake in September by first repairing a leak in the north portion.

Mayor Rogero allocated $250,000 for work on the Fountain City Lake in this fiscal year. Their goal is to clean up the area by next spring.

"The outlet needs to be replaced; it's leaking right now," said Joe Walsh with Knoxville Parks and Recreation. "That's one issue we're having with the pond keeps dropping down."

Decreasing water levels and a lack of cooling is what creates the algae, he added.

"Drop in water out to replace the outlet, we'll figure out what the real issues are too," said Walsh. "We're going to hire an environmental engineering firm to develop a maintenance plan."

Visitors hope to see the changes sooner than later.

"We're looking forward to it," York said.