A Knox County man is behind bars, after investigators say he assaulted his wife, then set his home on fire.

Archie Edward Welch, 49, is charged with aggravated arson, resisting arrest, and domestic assault.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office says Welch's wife fled their home on Kimaron Lane early Tuesday morning. She called 911, and a deputy met her at a nearby Weigel's on Emory Road. She told the deputy that Welch physically assaulter her and threatened to set the house on fire.

While she was with the deputy, her son, who was still at the home, called and said Welch had set the house on fire. The son also left the house and met his mother and officers at the Weigel's.

When deputies arrived at the home just after 1:30 am, they saw Welch walking out of the garage of the burning home. He resisted arrest, but was taken into custody and charged. He's currently being held in the Knox County Detention Facility on a combined bond amount of $54,000.