ID=12385069A Knoxville group will open its doors on Saturday, offering help to expectant mothers with a drug problem. Susannah's House is hosting a grand opening, showing off its new building, and spreading the word about its program.

"This is a population that is very under served. Even in the recovery world, these moms are very looked down upon for using substances while they are pregnant with their babies," said clinical director Andrea McCarter.

Susannah's House aims to offer help to expectant mothers who want to make a change.

"We are inviting women who are pregnant, who are struggling with addiction, who are worried about their future. We want to be able to help them with that future and help them turn their lives around. We want to help them get a life," said executive director Rebekah Fetzer.

The program will offer counseling, food, childcare, and even a place to take a break. They will offer care every weekday, and sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

As Saturday draws closer, they are working to have their new and improved building ready to show off.

"Painted every square inch. We have redone the floors," said Fetzer.

"I am just excited for people to come and see the building. I like showing it off. I give a lot of tours," said McCarter.

Support is coming in from many directions. Fetzer created the program with the help of Cokesbury Church and a lot of donations.

"Part of what drew everyone to this industry was hearing about and finding out about these babies. And it is hard to serve the babies without serving the moms," said McCarter.

A grand opening Saturday is something Fetzer said is only the beginning of their plan.

"Eventually? This is only the beginning. This is part one. We want to be able to have some residential capacity. So we are looking for that in the future. In our five year plan. That's our future," said Fetzer.

The program takes around 26 to 28 weeks for a woman to complete. They are welcome to come back and mentor after going through their services. The grand opening is Saturday at 11 a.m. at the home itself.

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