(WBIR-Powell) Often the story is about how Twitter is used in cyber bullying.

@powellhighcomps is not one of those cases.

The account, set up by someone connected with Powell High School, shares direct messages about students and faculty at the North Knox County school. The 140-character tweet is used with full anonymity by the sender.

"It makes me feel good. It shows me that everyone could be nice. Shows there's good out in there in the world," sophomore McKensie Cruze said Wednesday. She received one of the unknown tweets earlier in the week.

"Just positive reinforcement for people to brighten their day. Things people said about them that are good," she added.

The person who set the account up asked 10News to remain anonymous, stating the account was to shed light on others. The individual is not a faculty member, but is connected to P.H.S.

Teachers said since @powellhighcomps started on Sunday, there has already been a change in morale in the school.

"There's a lot of bullying that's going on, and it's just as easy being nice to someone as it is to be ugly," said English teacher Janet Parton.

Since this account was set up, similar programs were set up in Halls, Hardin Valley, and Karns.