ID=4227783A bill to approve a name change for Lake City is headed to the governor's desk.

The Senate unanimously approved a bill to change the name of Lake City to Rocky Top. The House approved the measure on Monday.

Lawmakers moved forward with the vote after they determined the state would not be sued over the use of Rocky Top.

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The name and brand are owned by The House of Bryant Publications, which has filed a lawsuit against Lake City for an injunction to stop the name change.

Lake City council members approved the name change late last year, to pave the way for a proposed Rocky Top theme park in the city.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The state House has voted to allow Lake City to change its name to Rocky Top despite ongoing legal efforts by the rights owners of the bluegrass standard to block the move.

The chamber on Monday voted 89-0 in favor of the measure sponsored by Republican Rep. John Ragan of Oak Ridge, who said the state would not be liable if the Gatlinburg-based House of Bryant wins its lawsuit.

If the Senate goes along with bill, Lake City could vote to make the name change official.

"Rocky Top" is the fight song of the University of Tennessee and is one of several state songs. And as one co-sponsor pointed out to jeers from his colleagues, it was also the name of an FBI bribery sting of state lawmakers in 2005.